Barleyz Junction, Above KFC, Koramangala,

Barleyz American Continental

Barleyz American Continental

You were wondering what was the menu of the American Barleyz? Each country has its own kitchen. The French eat French dishes, Italians eat Italian dishes, Indians eat Indian dishes, and so on. So, what is continental food? It’s good to start by understanding one’s European origins.

In Europe, Americans eat smaller portions than in the United States. Visitors from other countries are amazed by the amount of food they receive by ordering an entrance to the restaurant. The American continental menu Barleyz refers to lighter European dishes. So, if you are hungry … skip the continental fare and look for something substantial to eat.

Barleyz American Continental in bengalore

The best known part of the continental menu is breakfast. A continental breakfast includes coffee or tea, bread rolls or butter and jam pastries, as well as seasonal fruit. I always wonder where is the rest of the breakfast. Unfortunately, there is no eggs, bacon, potatoes or omelettes in a traditional continental breakfast. However, the continental breakfast looks good. These Europeans have excellent skills in food presentation.

Also, I think it’s an easy way for a hotel to offer a breakfast without much effort or cost. How much coffee / tea and rolls do you cost? And to say continental breakfast, lunch or dinner seems more elegant than saying minimal breakfast, lunch or dinner.

And the good news is that if you stay in a continental menu for a few months, you will lose weight because you drastically reduce your calorie intake! Maybe I’ll try it from time to time and then I’ll be able to become a skinny kid!

The menu of the original restaurant, or offered in an inn, was the table d’hote, or table d’hôte, at a fixed price. The continental menu offers choices, à la carte, as well as standard meals. The continental menu can be available at any time, instead of having a few “sessions” for meals at the table.

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