Barleyz Junction, Above KFC, Koramangala,

Best brew pub

Best brew pub

Nowadays hitting a bar or Best brew pub nearby with colleagues during happy hours is not just to enjoy the discounted booze, but to increase your network and socialize, which could benefit for your career. A bar or pub is an informal place where you are meeting your formal colleagues, then must your behavior be formal or casual, should you offer to buy drinks or wait for others to buy for you? Yes! We understand you have many questions, and such events are not completely informal and some etiquettes have to be followed in order to make a good impression.

Here are few do’s and don’ts which you need to take care while going out for a drink with your office colleagues.


  1. If it isn’t an official event, then go ahead and buy a round of drinks for your group. This will surely come back to you, and you will gain some points for initiating.

  2. Make sure you know your limit and stick to it by all means, as you do not want to have any embarrassing moments in front of your colleagues.

  3. Always say yes to your boss if he is offering a drink. So if you are anticipating an invite from your boss then take care you do not exceed your limit before that.

  4. Do have something to eat at regular intervals, if you do not want to throw up and wake up with a worse hangover the next day.

  5. While conversing with colleagues avoid talking about the report your boss has asked you to make or that client who has shouted on you. Instead, talk about the popular rom-com or sitcoms.

Barleyz Best brew pub


  1. Stay away from ordering shots, as this is a semi-formal event and not a hangout party of your friends. Also, shots have relatively higher alcohol content and can get you high in no time.

  2. Avoid office gossips of all types, as with alcohol you will lose control of what you are talking and can turn things ugly. Also, bypass sensitive topics such as politics, religion etc

  3. Do not overstay your welcome. The standard limit is 3 hours, staying anything more than that will end up in breaking any one of the etiquettes..

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